Menu Suggestions

Our maître chef Otto Olsen has prepared the following menu suggestions so that you can freely compose your function menu comprising a starter, main course and dessert (20-person minimum).

Please note, however, that there is a surcharge for some of the dishes.
Price for three courses without surcharge served at tables laid for a function, festively decorated with candles, napkins and beautiful flower decorations.
We do not serve food or beverages from external caterers.

DKK 375 per person.


Cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup with parsley oil and crisp rye bread
Lightly creamed fish soup with crisp fennel and watercress
Classic lobster soup (surcharge DKK 45).

Salmon marinated in lime
on a bed of celeriac crème, sea buckthorn, shallots and watercress
Cold-smoked salmon with apple purée, quail eggs, red onion preserves and dill
Baked cod loin with dill mayonnaise, parmesan, leeks and herbs
Sørup’s home-smoked duck breast, parsley foam,
mushroom preserves and plums
Lemon sole filet with trout roe, white herbs,
chives and shellfish sauce (surcharge DKK 45).

Fillet of veal with a light port wine sauce and sautéed mushrooms
Fillet of veal with tarragon sauce, fennel and cowberries baked in bacon
Fillet of beef fried with sage pesto, served with red-wine sauce
Fillet of beef with pepper sauce and root vegetables baked in thyme
Beef tenderloin with chanterelle sauce and spinach (surcharge DKK 55).
Beef tenderloin with sauce à la diable
and oyster mushrooms (surcharge DKK 55).
Veal tenderloin with truffle sauce and pommes Anna (surcharge DKK 55).
French duck breast with rosemary sauce, spinach and grapes
Salmon baked with lemon butter. Ginger sauce, leeks and chives
All main courses are served with a potato dish and seasonal garnish
Venison and lamb depending on the season. Please request an offer.

Raspberry parfait with blueberries, vanilla sauce and tuile
Crisp waffle basket with two kinds of sorbet,
as well as vanilla ice cream and berries
Chocolate–walnut brownies with white chocolate sorbet
on crushed chocolate cake
Almond-honey tart with sweet yoghurt and orange sauce
Warm blackberry crumble en cocotte with vanilla ice cream
From May to August
Danish strawberries served with cream and sugar


Hot-smoked salmon salad with watercress, prawns,
mini-romaine lettuce and dill mayonnaise.
Fillet of beef fried with Madagascar pepper with
cognac sauce seasoned with Dijon mustard. Beans with bacon and parsley
Marcel chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, blackberries and crisp marzipan


Champagne sorbet DKK 55
Cucumber-lime sorbet DKK 38
Crisp bread with trout roe, crème fraîche and red onions DKK 48
Comté with crisp rye bread and olives DKK 55


Danish salami and warm liver paste with home-baked rye bread DKK 78
Cream of leek soup with bacon and parsley DKK 78
French onion soup DKK 78
Rissoles with potato salad and pickles DKK 78

Aperitif, unlimited consumption of house white and red wines
(maximum of 3 hours)
Cuvée Prestige, 1 glass of dessert wine, as well as coffee and cognac (2 cl.)
DKK 315 per person
For each extra hour of unlimited consumption of wines, a surcharge of DKK 55

3 hours: beer, wine and soft drinks DKK 165 per person
3 hours: beer, wine, soft drinks and common brands of spirits DKK 265 per person

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